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5 Best Modern Kitchen Concepts in Different Charms

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There are several aspects to be considered when designing a modern kitchen. It can be what layout to apply, what kind of appliances, where to place the storage, and more. It may look complicated since kitchen set have many small things that at one moment, it may be left. Overall, there are some specific designs or characters in the modern style. If you have lost to find it, these ideas may help you to remember about how impressive the modern style is.

Glossy finish on the top of bar stools in the modern kitchen is really impressive. Sleek line is directly reflected through it. The layout is also great. It takes every inch of the limited room to be functional space. The most interesting spot is the bar that faces to the window of the apartment in upper tiers. So the night view will be the best spot to have in the kitchen. The decorative blue built-in LED lights seem like changing the kitchen being out of this world.

The modern kitchen has friendly and playful characteristic. It can be seen through the use of neon yellow shade on the cabinet. The shade is similar to yellow lemon. Although it seems too bright, the black granite countertop is there to against the vibrant shade so it will be more dramatic and sophisticated. It is suitable for those with youthful soul. The transparent dining chairs are attractive too. It gives the illusion of savvy space as it looks invisible at a glance.

Another dramatic look is reflected in this modern kitchen concept. It may be called as winter like concept with deep teal walls. Although it seems a bit dark and cold, it is great to be a thematic concept like Christmas. The unique and appealing decoration is spread in the entire room as in the chandelier. The design of chandelier is like tree branches in the winter along with red cup of the lamps that give a strong hint of the coming of Santa. Overall, the decoration is great with dreamy concept.

This is another playful look in the modern kitchen design with pop art painting and creative backsplash pattern. Playful do not always to be in bright palette, just add a touch of pop or abstract art in the room like this layout. The rest decor remains calm in beige color. The exposed ceiling beams style and decorative stone wall are also attractive on their own. Give the visual interest in the kitchen by placing lush purple chesterfield.

Geometric pattern is perfect match for modern kitchen design. People can apply the geometric style as in the pictures. The wall is full of geometric line. Moreover, the light fixture and chairs design are really impressive. The ceiling gets inspired from the industrial style so it uses concrete ceiling. To prevent the darkness in the room, white paneling and oversized lights are placed there.

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