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Bathtub Ideas for Small Bathroom: Worth Trying!

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Having a small bathroom? There is nothing to worry when you have a small space for your bathroom. There are so many ideas related to how to make your small bathroom stay fabulous. Here are some things from luxurious bathroom to make your small bathroom look more fabulous.

The first thing is about alcove bathtub. When you have a very small space for your bathroom and you cannot make it larger in any way, there is nothing to worry about. Why don’t you make it simple but fabulous and comfortable? It will be comfy if you can choose the proper bathtub. The bathtub is made of ceramic. Near the bathtub, in your foot position, there are shelves for your towels, clothes, or even some bathing stuff like soap and tooth paste. Not only that, the wall is made of ceramic which is luxurious.

This one is indeed super luxurious. Don’t ask about the bathtub, it is very luxurious. It is like the tub is covered by gold all over its surface. Located facing the window, you are allowed to enjoy the quality time of bathing while enjoying the scenery outside. Does it sound relaxing to you? This bathroom also employs vanity to surely keep your stuff reachable.

In this bathroom design, the bathtub is quite different since it is not square, but oval bathtub. The color is white and there is a glass room near the bathtub. The room can be used to dress up after bathing. The wall is not made of ceramic, but made of black stone. There is one vanity with a large and big square mirror above.

This is the bathroom of an art. How come? There is a small oval bathtub colored with white. And there is painting near, but not too near, the bathtub. What makes it very interesting is that it has some small lamps above the bathtub. Then there is one small rectangular ceramic on the wall below to put your towels. It is very simple but highly artistic.

This bathtub is unique with average size. Coming with white color and oval shape, it should be suitable for your small bathroom. Not only that, there is a bird statue near the bathtub. There are two mirrors in the bathroom and two wooden tables to put your clothes and towel.

This is one idea for you who want to combine bathroom and bedroom when you have a small space. All you can see is white, even for the bath tub. The room is divided into two areas, the bathroom and the bedroom. There is a rack beside the bathtub to put things like soap, clothes, and towels. The vanity is wall mounted and there is one big mirror near the bathtub.

This is an art of bathroom. The bathtub is very unique since it is neither too small nor too big. It is not square but not oval. The shape is like a half of love. The outer color of this bathtub is black and the inner is white. There is a lamp projected to the bathtub. And there are some small paints on the white wall.

Black bathtub combined with grey bathroom is perfect combination. The bathtub is not oval, but it is like half of the leaves shape. If there is sufficient space, you can also build a glass cabin just like the picture shows you.
Those bathroom ideas above are ready to transform your old small bathroom into a comfy bathing cabin to relax. Choose one that fits your bathroom the most.

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