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Classy Bedroom Design in Spite of Limited Space

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For most of us bedroom is the most important room in the house since it is where we spend our time to charge our energy by getting quality sleep. Unfortunately so many bedrooms today come with limited space since homeowners build small house that doesn’t require them to get bigger bedroom. Even though you also have small bedroom, you’ll be able to make it looks classy and upscale.

To make your small master bedroom looks classy you will have to use black, white, and grey. Those three colors are neutrals that are best for all kinds of bedroom, especially classy bedroom like you’re trying to get right now. Light brown wooden elements between the neutrals in this bedroom make the room looks more outstanding.

Grey colored modern bed in the middle of this classy but minimalist bedroom looks more stunning with the black simple black bedside table and the black desk lamp on the table. Black wall behind the bedside table and its desk lamp is going to make the black table and desk lamp look invisible. This combination makes the room looks wider.

Even though the room is small, this bedroom has lots of glass windows that are about to make the room looks bright when the curtains are opened so the sunlight can come into the room. For the curtains to cover glass windows, pick black that matches the grey bed, grey ceiling, and black bedside table beside the bed.

Grey bed in the middle of the room looks unusual. But with bedding on that grey bed and charcoal blanket, this bed looks so cozy. Grey rug under the bed that comforts our feet every time we get down from the bed blends with the bed and bedroom’s interior design make the room looks classier and more upscale.

Look at the headboard of grey bed in this unique bedroom. It soars from the bed to the ceiling and even shades the bed. This extraordinary headboard that comes in different color looks awesome for the minimalist bedroom. That incredible headboard is the centerpiece or focal point of this bedroom.

While the other walls of this bedroom are painted with white, the wall around the headboard has black to evoke masculine touch in the bedroom. Since the bedside tables and desk lamps on both sides of bed are also black, pick black wall decorations that are framed with gold and hang them on the black wall, on both sides of the elegant headboard of your bed.

Now, what if the bedroom is so tiny? Then build or get unique shelving on a wall of your bedroom. Free the center of that wall shelving and use it to store your bed vertically when you’re not using the bed. With open shelves on both sides of the stored vertical bedframe your wall shelving looks like a cupboard with racks on both sides, nobody knows that you have your bed between the shelving.

Or the bedframe itself, get one or build one with built in storage under the bed. So you can pull out the under bed storage and fill it with your clothes. Be careful in storing your clothes in under bed storage so when you store your bed vertically your clothes won’t be scattered.

Since your classy bedroom is so small, it is much better to install glass sliding door instead of swing door. Glass materials of sliding door reflect lights to make the room looks bigger and brighter. Sliding door won’t take the limited space of your bedroom so it won’t make your small bedroom feels narrows. Sliding glass door is considered modern door so installing this door makes your bedroom looks classier.

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