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Fabulous Bedroom with Dark Interior

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If you have spacious bedroom, the first thing you must consider is designing a bedroom with dark color. Dark color is not always bad, unless you have small room. But your master bedroom is spacious so you must try designing dark colored bedroom now. We’ll show you how to make your dark bedroom looks awesome without the gloomy atmosphere.

First way to make a dark bedroom looks awesome but not gloomy is spreading fresh color as an accent. Orange for example, is a fresh color that is perfect to make a dark bedroom looks gorgeous. Of course you must apply the dark color first before spreading the fresh one. Use dark grey on the walls and wooden door also for bedside tables, bedframe, and rug. Then add orange pillows and blanket on white bedding.

Or try the green as the accent of your dark bedroom. Black accent wall and huge black room divider where you can use to store your books and display things will be cool with light grey curtains and begging. But it will be perfect with the green blanket and pillows on the bed and simple black and white chair for the home office.

Red is another color that is going to be perfect for your fabulous dark bedroom. The walls that are covered with black and grey, light grey and white bed with silver pillows, and gray bedside table will make your bedroom interior looks mysterious and masculine. But the red blanket on the bed and red glass vase on bedside table makes the bedroom feels romantic.

The red color may be just an accent of your bedroom that is dominated with black, grey, and white. But this red is enough to make the room looks different. Because of the red accent your black and white bedroom is no longer gloomy and boring. Without red accent in your bedroom you may get bored easily to see and stay your own black and white bedroom.

Dark and white bedroom interior design above may look simple but that room will not make you feel bored to stay in that room. The dark accent wall behind the white master bed makes the dark grey built in storage beside the bed looks like an accent wall until you open the door. If the storage door is closed no one will know that it is your storage.

Another way to make your bedroom looks luxurious using dark colors is spreading the black as accent wall color above your bed. The silver decoration in the middle of black accent wall brings the luxury accent to your bedroom. For the bed itself, cover it with black bedding but complement it with light colored bedside tables. Put a black vase on the right bedside table and white vase on another table to accessorize the room.

Between black that is dark and white that is bright there is grey that looks warm. Make your bedroom feels warm but looks luxurious by using black as the accent wall between the white ceiling and walls. Then use grey for the bedding and wooden floor. The grey will combine black and white in perfect way.

Or you can divide the walls horizontally then spread black on the upper walls of the room and grey for the lower walls of bedroom. Do this to the entire walls of your bedroom. Next, put some white colors inside the room like white bedding, white bedside table, white chair, and white shelving on the wall.

Some black and white accessories like black and white painting on the wall, black and white photos on the shelving, also black and white desk lamps make your dark bedroom interior design looks more luxurious and impressive. Which idea between the inspiring bedroom decorating ideas with dark do you prefer?

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