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Inspirational Bedrooms with Unusual Interior Decor

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So many bedrooms are designed in modern style while the others come with traditional interior design. What about yours? What kind of interior design you will use to decorate your bedroom? If you’re about to makeover your bedroom or you’re designing a new bedroom, our inspirational pictures of bedroom below are going to impress you.

First idea is making your modern bedroom looks outstanding by spreading a fresh yellow color to the room. Usually, modern bedroom comes in black and white colors, so first you must bring in those neutrals to your room. Pick grey for the ceiling and flooring. Then add light blue carpet under the bed and place fresh yellow chest of drawer right across the bed under wall mounted television.

If black and white is not your favorite, choose brown, beige, and khaki for the bedframe, floor, and walls. Then add the blue and yellow colors to the room. Lay down the blue and white carpet on the floor and place the fresh yellow colored nightstand beside your wooden bed frame. Choose neutral color for the pendant lamp.

For you unique master bedroom with spread of yellow and blue between the neutrals, black and white oversized lighting will be perfect. Since yellow and blue look contrast, black and white will neutralize the interior so your master bedroom won’t look weird because of too many contrast colors inside. Unique shaped lighting like you see in the picture above is going to make your bedroom looks impressive.

People used to place nightstands on both sides of their bed. Make your bedroom looks different by placing a nightstand on the left side of your bed and black unique floor lamp on another side of the bed. There is no need to place a desk lamp on the nightstand so you can use the space to put your magazine and other stuffs.

Check out the picture above, the combination of yellow, blue, brown, grey, black, and white look so incredible. Curtain for the window looks ideal with the color of wall panel above the bedframe. This room looks simple but unusual and unconventional. Throw a black blanket to the bed and your bedroom will be awesome.

If the yellow color on the chest of drawers and nightstand is too light, our alternative is spreading the yellow color on the bed. Use yellow pillowcases to cover your pillows then place them on your grey bed that has white headboard. Grey color on the wall around the headboard and on the floor over the wooden flooring is going to make the white bedroom feels warmer.

But if you don’t like yellow at all, consider adding light blue color to your modern neutral bedroom and make the room looks unconventional. Use the light blue for the wall above your bed. White furniture set like white bedframe with white headboard and white nightstands will be perfect with grey color on the bed and grey on the curtain.

For the rest of the walls, white is the best since white blends well with the other colors. So when you mount your television on the white wall, it will look elegant and classy. Then the light brown colored wooden panel on the wall right beside the wall mounted television will not look weird when it meets the television.

Last idea we’d like to share is using more black and less white for the unconventional bedroom interior design. Use black for the window curtains, nightstands, and headboard. Then spread white only on the pillowcases and lampshades of the lightings beside the bed. Use light brown colored woods for the rest parts of the room and khaki color for the carpet and bedding.

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