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Inspiring Clean, Airy, and Light Feel Designs in Minimal Kitchen Space

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Minimal kitchen space is on trend nowadays especially in the contemporary concept. Clean, airy, and light are three best representative words for the concept. Skip any unnecessary thing in the kitchen to keep it in minimal look. To make it stunning and above the average level, organization and decoration of course must be considered when designing the kitchen. Do not forget to add the fabulous taste as in the color and unique furniture design.

Classic touch in minimal kitchen space, why not? For clean freaks, this concept is really fit and must be a dream kitchen in life. It is simply filled in all white shades in countertops, cabinet, chairs, and the chandelier. The owner can give a delicate touch in the wallpaper and chevron patterned light hardwood floor.

For cooler minimal kitchen space, make this style to be your kitchen. It is more casual look for gathering place with friends and families. There are no countertops in the room, just the unique design of dining table with television set in the room instead. It is more than enough package to linger on.

Freestanding island in the pictures is cool and attractive. The minimal kitchen space is designed with legs and functional storage to save any culinary inspiration.

Luxurious minimal kitchen space in white is the best to represent feminine side of the owner. It is because the decoration has filled with curve accents of the dining table legs, chairs up to vases. The all white kitchen also got classic taste in the use of coffered ceiling.

Simplicity in the minimal kitchen space is never talking a lot about sophisticated. However, the luxurious touch in the design spokes by itself. It can be seen in the marble countertops used in the kitchen whereas the rest space is filled with simple decoration.

Accent of reddish orange palette in minimal kitchen space is so retro. The decoration is very creative with the use of sunken dining table.

This is another shocking color in the minimal kitchen space. The vibrant red color provokes the life of modern in the kitchen. The owner can even use the wall as the backdrop of memorable pictures.

Yellow color can also be used to beautify the look in minimal kitchen space. The bright color will give a youth feeling and glowing in the lacquer finish of the cabinets. It is also recommended to set the furniture with the same colors.

For an outdoor kitchen, it is better to use large kitchen island to fulfill all the equipments in one area. The design of the island gives a luxury while it has awesome lighting around to make the island as the visual interest in the outdoor minimal kitchen space.

Not only a sense of clean, airy, and light, calming feel can be achieved in the design of minimal kitchen space. The owners can add beige tone in the room with recessed lighting. The chairs and floating shelves are very impressive. It can be used as one inspiring idea to follow.

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