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Take a Peek at Kitchen for Men Design Ideas and Inspiration

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There is one time when kitchen is no more girls’ domain. Nowadays, there are more men who can be a home chef especially a bachelor who live alone. To motivate the men’s interest toward kitchen, the kitchen must have a redecoration do. Absolutely, the design must fit to the men’s personality including the selection of color, decoration, and furniture style. Do you have some ideas of kitchen for men?

White shade is exactly the best color to represent any gender as it belongs to neutral color. This penthouse kitchen features an attractive design of angular counter. It is fit to the space of the kitchen for men and convenient to be a chopping area.

Beside white, black will represent masculine side more as in this design. The combination of black bar stools and white countertop and cabinet will remember us to the monochrome scheme. It looks stylish and just an awesome view in minimalist kitchen for men. The black pendant light especially, it is cool.

There is not much different to any wood kitchen set, this style uses wood in the cabinet and white fixtures. This design is also fairly friendly for women too.

Displaying wine store is one main point in the kitchen for men. It is because drinking may become the climax activity for men while in the kitchen. The wine display is relatively easy to access without too much revealing. It is just a right idea.

Butcher block countertop style like in the picture of kitchen for men is really suitable to represent the men’s skill of cooking. It is fit to be a show off place as chopping area, cooking the dish, and more just from one surface.

Featuring rustic feel in the kitchen for men is also great idea to try. The rustic is clearly proven in the decoration of natural wood cabinet, countertop, and flooring. The wood will hard carry the entire room with a bit of rough impression in the appearance.

Similar to the butcher block countertop, a large size of white kitchen island can be a perfect place for delicious food creation to be placed in kitchen for men. The pendant lighting also accompanies the design beautifully.

This is another sleek design idea in kitchen for men. All white shades in the room evoke the sleek and sharp line in the countertop and cabinet. Give a slight texture in the concrete flooring. Set the kitchen in much natural light from the floor to ceiling window design.

Copper finish in the stove hood seems very distinctive to apply in decoration of kitchen for men. Neutral and warm feel also felt through the neutral color in the furniture and drapes. Give a little shine in the glossy finish of white cabinets.

Black appliances, countertops, and chairs to combine clean white shade on the wall with the reflection of natural light will be the best couple ever. It never hurts to apply darker wood shades in the design of kitchen for men.

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