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Unique Sinks You Might Never See

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Every person needs sink in their bathroom. But there are some who want to have a unique sink which is never found in any bathroom. If you want to know more about unique and extraordinary sinks, you might look at some references below.

What comes to your mind when you hear about China basin? Well, China is famous for its ceramic stuff like bowl, plate, even basin. And the pattern is very unique. One example is this one. Blue patterned China basin. This basin comes in timeless round shape with some flower patterns and rectangular patterns. This China basin is perfect for your modern and minimalist bathroom.

The name represents its shape. As you can see from the picture, this basin comes in contemporary look as it is pretty hard to define its shape. It forms like a thin bowl having a tail coming in clean white tone. This contemporary basin is very modern and elegant for a small bathroom.

This slipper bath wash basin will remind you of the same basin that you can find in the hair salon. Coming with clean white color, this wash basin is kind of suitable for modern, minimalist and contemporary bathroom design.

Have you ever seen a faucetless basin? If you haven’t, you need to take a look for a moment at this picture. In this rectangular white basin, you won’t find any faucet, but there is still some water in it. And it is usually automatic. When you put your hands below the hole—an area replacing the faucet area—the water will come up. It is like magic, right?

This sink is very unique. Why? It is because the sink has fish bowl at above. And what is unique about this sink is that it is made of glass. It surely looks very clean and pure for its transparent material. So, it is like you wash your hands in a magic bowl which cannot be seen. The basin is not too big but not too small since it can be used more or less three people.

If you love something advanced like in the future with technology advancement, you can think about this sink. The sink is very small, thin, slim, and the color is white. It is installed on the wall and there is no faucet. The water comes up when you press a button on it.

What is glass bottomed sink? Made of white ceramic, this glass bottomed sink comes in average size, yet it tends to be small. When you see the picture, you might think that the sink is separated while in fact they are not. The metal faucet is installed on the wall with slim and thin design.

For you who love flexibility and simplicity, you will love this sink idea. Toilet and sink become one. Why not? White toilet and white sink in a small bathroom will help you save the space. The sink is in the half round shape. The faucet is simply made of metal.

Who loves to have some lights in the basin? Well, if you do, you might choose this kind of basin. This basin has dark blue light which is very beautiful. The light is projected to the basin. And the LED lights come from the faucet. It looks very great and luxurious.

Having small children in your home? Well, why don’t you install this kind of basin? This basin has two stages. The first one is for adults and it is higher, and the second on is lower. So, it will be easy for your children to wash their hands.

These basin designs are definitely unique and quite rare to be installed at home. If you are interested to one of them, make sure it suits your bathroom design ideas.

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